Sunday, December 31, 2006

Upping Your Ante in Other Assets

Knowledge, Social Graces, and Inner Beauty Are Tangible Assets So far, we've talked about increasing your market value through manipulating your Quarry's impression of your physical appearance, possessions or money, and status or prestige. These are but the first three assets that equity principle scientists say influence love. They are important but, by no means, the most important. In fact, many people prefer the next three qualities by far. They are information or knowledge, social graces or personality, and inner nature. Let's talk about information, or knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifetime commitment, one that brings you deep joy throughout your life. Intelligence gained through knowledge can also be a potent asset in making someone fall in love with you. Many women, myself included, find the seedy, professorial, pipe-smoking, suede-patches-on-the-elbows-of-his-sweater type of man very attractive. I once flipped over a man whom other women might call a poor, homely recluse because he was a genius on the computer. His knowledge deeply impressed me, and I wanted to learn from him. Hunters, especially in today's world, women have a tendency to fall in love with men who can help them professionally. Your knowledge is an aphrodisiac to bright, ambitious women. Social graces, or personality, is the fifth asset which gives you a higher value on the open love market. Techniques throughout this book are offered to help you deal with these two aspects. Heed them all. The final asset on the list, but by no means the least, is your inner nature. Perhaps this is the most important of all—it certainly is the deepest. To make someone fall in love with you, strive always to have loving thoughts about them and about others. Give selflessly to other persons when there is no reward in sight. Be sexually faithful, financially responsible, and personally flexible. The list of inner nature qualities goes on. You probably never thought of them in these terms, but they are all marketable assets you bring to a relationship. Everything you learn, every experience you process, every fine quality you develop, is a tangible benefit in making someone fall in love with you. TECHNIQUE #55: UP YOUR ANTE IN INTANGIBLES To up your market value, never stop learning, never stop developing your personality and social skills, and always strive to develop fine inner qualities. They are as good as golden bullets to pierce your Quarry's heart.

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