Sunday, December 31, 2006

Are There Dangerous Waters Ahead in the Gender Gap?

Hunters, huntresses, we have just viewed the tip of the iceberg of gender differences. After decades of denial, scientists are finally aiming their instruments at the ancient marvel. The deeper they probe, the more they find the glacier extends many fathoms below our consciousness. Like the careless captain who wrecks his ship on the iceberg, don't wreck your new relationship on one of these sharp gender differences. A new relationship is a fragile boat with the glue still sticky between the boards—it can fall apart at the slightest impact. Every time a new lover hits an icecap in your personality, he or she fears the glacial differences that lie beneath. Guide your new love skillfully to avoid the sharp perils we've discussed. At least wait until the glue dries on your relationship and you're into calmer seas.

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