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Huntresses, Have Sex with a Man as a Man Wants It

Huntresses, turnabout is fair play. If we expect the new man to put more romance in his sex, it's only fair for the new woman to put more sex in her romance. Any woman who has ever been in love knows one thing: Love makes good sex hotter. Any man who has ever been in love knows another: Good sex makes love hotter. Yet centuries after this discovery, males and females lie gazing at each other across the pillow, secretly wishing the other partner would get it right. I've said it. Better writers than I have proclaimed it. You can't even slip through the supermarket checkout counter without some women's magazines bombarding you with the message of how to attract a man: Be hotter! Be sexier! Be wilder! Have more fun in bed! Play! If you have serious intentions of capturing your Quarry's heart, yes, you must be hotter, sexier, and wilder, have more fun in bed, and play. Think back to when you were a little girl, rolling around in the sandbox with the other kids, giggling, wiggling, talking, and building sand castles. You used your imagination to have fun. Little girls in the euphoria of the moment, throwing sand in the air and shouting ''Whee!" aren't having an inner dialogue Page 254 with themselves. They aren't asking themselves, "Does my playmate really like me? Is he just using me to build sand castles? Should I fake having more fun? Is he expressing enough affection? Why doesn't he shout 'Whee,' too? Isn't he enjoying it? Uh-oh, will he play in the sandbox with me when we get back to the city?" Children, lost in a wonderland of sensual pleasure, let their imaginations run wild. They turn their concerns off and their fantasies on. Well, bed is the adult sandbox—the place to giggle, wiggle, talk, and build fantasy castles. It's the place to let your imagination run wild. Bed is the place to turn your concerns off and your fantasies on. One of the more surprising gender differences is that, during sex many men retain this childlike quality. Like Alice lost in Wonderland, a man can get lost in fantasyland. He is better able to suspend reality and tune into his erotic imagination—not because he has a greater imagination, but because his concerns interfere with his pleasure and potency. Huntresses, this does not mean that men do not crave caring, affection, and love, but when the bedroom door is closed and the lights go down, he wants to lose himself in total sensuality, i.e., have raw sex. "Curiouser and curiouser," as Alice would say, is the fact that after several great sessions of raw sex, when no love was spoken of, a man's thoughts are more apt to turn to love. How can Huntresses express raw sex? Again, perhaps the avalanche of books and articles falling on our heads hasn't made a dent in our hairstyles. And again, a moving picture is worth a million words. Let's Go to the Videotape The videotapes in question are called porno flicks. They are filthy, they are disgusting, and they are a priceless crash course in raw sex. Every intelligent woman should suspend judgment, firmly plant her tongue in her cheek and her derriere on the couch to watch just one. How do you get hold of a porno flick? You venture into the back room of practically any video store in America. (If you must, don a man's trench coat first and pull his rain hat down over your face.) You will find a wide selection to augment your education. Obviously, you must be careful in your choice. Porn films come in hundreds of flavors, straight and kinky, with every possible combination of men and women possible. (Sometimes even dogs, horses, and goats play cameo roles.) For educational purposes, you want to pick a "straight" one. Be forewarned, however, that strictly vanilla "straight" sex can involve two or more women with one man, or two men and three women. Don't worry about it. The edifying experience will come from the atmosphere of raw sex. You'll pick up hot hints from the female stars who are moaning, groaning, wiggling, pouting their lips, and flipping their tongues in the air. Yet another benefit from men's porno films—you'll pick up fashion tips. You'll see the very latest in teddies, garter belts, stockings, negligees, crotchless panties, nippleless bras, corsets, G-strings, and the occasional leather catsuit or French maid's outfit. I don't suggest you rush out to buy this suggestive couture. But if your Quarry should someday surprise you with a little X-rated birthday gift, recognizing it could save you from a relationship-straining groan, "What the heck is this?" What other instructional material is contained therein? Choreography. You'll definitely discover some new sex positions. On the average, in each porno flick, the movie stars assume from five to twenty-five different positions. Storywise, you may ask, what are porno films like? Well, not much. After you put the cassette in, you'll think you've skipped the beginning because, in less than thirty seconds, you're into heavy action. You haven't missed a thing. There is very little buildup, hardly any plot, no character development, and little personality appreciation. Sort of the way some men like sex? (That's unfair.) Obviously, Huntresses, I am not suggesting that you emu-
A COMPARISON OF FEMALE PORN AND MALE PORN Female Porn Stars Male Porn Stars Strong, sensitive men. Respectful, yet recklessly passionate. Hot women. Hotter women. Hottest women. (The only place the directors want depth in a woman is in her cleavage.) Female Porn Script Male Porn Script Sensitive conversation. More complete sentences than in male pornography, including phrases like, "You are beautiful," "I want you," "I love you," and ''I've dreamed of a woman like you all my life.'' "Oh yeah." "Pump harder." "Don't stop." "Yeeeeeeeees more than three to five consecutive words.) Female Porn Story Lines Male Porn Story Lines
Female Porn Story Lines Male Porn Story Lines Being seduced by a handsome stranger. Making love in danger of getting caught. Many variations on the fantasy of "being taken." (They don't call it rape.) Ranges from very weak to none. Usually, Dicky sees Jane. Dicky does Jane in five to twenty-five positions. (Huntresses, for a real hoot, put your VCR on fast forward and watch Dicky and Jane do it at the speed of light.) Female Porn Locales Male Porn Locales Old castles, beautiful beaches, exotic islands. Expensive brass or period four-poster beds. Cheesy rooms. Any bed, any couch, any floor. Female Porn Flavor Male Porn Flavor Undiluted vanilla. Every flavor in the book—and then a few nobody ever heard of. Female Porn Ending Male Porn Ending Fades slowly out on the final kiss after a mutually fulfilling experience. Soft music under credits. Male star climaxes. (Must end at this point because male performer loses his "talent.") Film flickers and screen flashes to black. Page 257 late the lascivious expressions and corporeal contortions of the female porn stars while making love with your Quarry. But simply having seen a porno flick gives you a more masculine insight into raw sex. The closer a woman is in tune with a man sexually, the hotter sex is for him. TECHNIQUE #75 (FOR HUNTRESSES): LEARN "RAW SEX" FROM MEN'S FLICKS Huntresses, you may laugh (you may also turn green and gag), but study men's porno flicks to pickup some hints on raw sex. Men spend millions of dollars annually to see hot women lusting after the male body in such films. You don't have to go overboard and act like you'd have an orgasm if your Quarry so much as kissed you, but, to make him fall in love with you, a little lust wouldn't hurt. Additional "Coarse" Materials for Your Raw Sex Curriculum Huntresses, if you don't have a VCR , all is not lost for you, either. You can get a good cross-gender experience by grabbing a handful of men's magazines like Penthouse, Playboy, and Gallery from the racks of magazine stores. Turn to the letters section, the most educational part for women by far. In men's fantasies, instead of 90 percent buildup and 10 percent sex, you'll find 10 percent buildup and 90 percent sex. Instead of reading about the eyes, profile, or bronzed skin mentioned in the Harlequin fantasy, men make frequent reference to their own favorite anatomical part—embellished by adjectives like large, huge, immense, enormous, and massive. Instead of Harlequin's sensitive available partners falling in love, the starring characters of men's fantasies are usually unavailable women who couldn't care less about relationships—the naughty nurse, the horny housewife, the hot baby-sitter, the lascivious lesbian, the pantiless hitchhiker. In fact, in perusing a thigh-high stack of men's magazines, the three little magic words, "I love you," or tender phrases like "My darling girl" were nowhere to be found. Replacing them were tributes such as "You're one hot little number" and "Oh you insatiable bitch!" Obviously, love and sex are not as intertwined in male fantasies. TECHNIQUE #76 (FOR HUNTRESSES): READ THEIR RAGS Huntresses, read a few men's magazines. You'll find the hot letters from hot readers of special interest. If what goes in those letters is not precisely true, it's the best documentation of male wishful thinking ever printed.

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